Earn Ethereum

List of top services that allow for staking or earning Ethereum for passive income

Company Type of service Decentralized Security APY % Link
Gemini - Earn Interest No High 3.05% Gemini.com
Gate.io - Hodl & Earn | ETH2 Staking Staking & Interest No High 5-12% Gate.io
BlockFi - BlockFi Interest Account Interest No High 5.25% Blockfi.com
Celsius - Celcius earn Interest No High 5.05% Celsius.network
1inch - Liquidity Pool Liquidity Farming Yes High 12.15-58% 1inch.exchange
Coinbase - Staking Staking No High 7.5% Coinbase.com
Kucoin - ETH2 Staking Staking No High 5-20% Kucoin.com


Staking is actively participating in the network and getting rewarded.

For Ethereum 2.0 staking validators are rewarded for attestation and proposing blocks.

The APY for staking depends on the amount of validators and the total participation of the validators.


Interest comes from when companies borrow your ETH to lend to others. They pay the borrower (you) the interest rate earned.

Many insitutions such as Gemini Earn offer interest for lending your crypto. You can learn passively 5% or more on APY.

Liquidity Pool

Providing your coins as liquidity will earn you a portion of the fees when someone else swaps.

Some coins may earn you high APY upwards of 100%. However the draw back is that you may end of with less ETH than you started, while keeping USD profit.


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