Bitcoin on Ethereum

Amount of Bitcoin tokenized on Ethereum blockchain

Bitcoin btc Bitcoin on Ethereum
Bitcoin btc

What is BTC on Ethereum?

BTC is tokenized 1:1 on the Ethereum blockchain.

The way in which the BTC is tokenized can vary from custodial to decentralized.

What are the benefits of Bitcoin on Ethereum?

BTC tokenized on Ethereum allows it Bitcoin to interact with the Ethereum ecosystem.

Finally allowing Bitcoiners to access DEXs, Faster/Cheaper transactions, and Decentralized Financial applications (DeFi) thanks to Ethereum.

How do you track tokenized BTC on ETH?

We track multiple tokenized BTC tokens on Ethprofit.

These include wBTC, renBTC, hBTC, sBTC, tBTC, and pBTC. Let us know if there are any missing!

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